Eco-friendly Card Lottery cons & Identification theft

Today the Federal Trade Commission announced the outcomes of the Diversity Visa Lottery are available. Unfortunately the FTC also warned consumers to be cautious about what is known as the Green Card lottery scams. While there is a real Visa lottery occurring, you'll need to be extra careful of emails deliver to you claiming you might be a winner.
According on the FTC, scammers are broadcasting spoofed emails notifying people who they won a state Green Card lottery. Once people receive this fake notice these are inspired to send cash in order to say their spot. The FTC warns the emails are called the Green Card lottery scam and urges consumers to beware. According towards the FTC, the U.S. government can never have you send money, but alternatively may have you see it in directly within your appointment on the US Embassy. The FTC recommends the easiest way to discover the status with the diversity visa lottery or obtain data is at
Be looking for spam
Spam is often a word many of us know; however cyber criminals are designing sneakier strategies to trick us. The rule you'll want to adopt constantly is going to be watchful about any email you obtain, and don't open it if you don't know who it can be from. You also have to be especially careful driving under the influence an e-mail from obviously any good trusted source, because cyber criminals often impersonate major companies using spoofed notices.
Internet safety
Internet safety from identity fraud can be a task young people need to employ; because we can't predict when or certainly where an cyber-criminal will strike. When you get a message seems suspicious, don't open it. Instead send it for the Federal Trade Commission at While it truly is tough to tell real from fake, protecting yourself from id theft requires that you be worried about everything you have online. To help keep you safe, the FTC warns with the following situations:
If you are in Santa Ana and you've someone you care about that's awaiting citizenship, please make sure they know never to believe any email telling them they won a visa. Let them know the emails are part on the Green card Lottery scam and it is only designed to place their money or steal their identity.
Unfortunately, each cyber criminal has your details, your identity is a risk. If you or someone you love more info gave money into a Green card lottery scam, please contact the Santa Ana Police Department at 714-647-5400 You should also contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center to file for a complaint at
Protection from id theft can be a constant battle each of us face daily. It is so essential searching online safely make certain to spread the saying and also educate friends everything you learn.
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